What is Media127?
Media127 is a central point of resources to create media that clearly communicates our client's message whether it be a website, brochure, or presentation. Using the experienced staff we have in-house along with a network of professionals we have chosen, we have the ability to take care of any media needs your company has. Media127 handles the entire project from start to finish.

Why the 127?
John's dad built an airplane and the "N" number given by the FAA to register the airplane was N127P. That plane was custom built to meet the personal standards of Mr. Parlett. Every piece of frame, fabric, and engine were combined to create a product that Mr. Parlett could be proud of and experience. It was, in a sense, a representation of his skills and knowledge. We see our services as a part of creating your project in the same way. Your website, brochure or presentation will be a representation to your clients of your company's skills and knowledge. By meeting your standards and hearing your message clearly, we will build a product that will impress everyone that sees and/or hears it.


"Media 127 has built me a strong and stable web site that has allowed me to be in contact with my customers 24/7 and increased the amount of wedding rings I sell and the value of my company. Very satisfied."

Scott Donnelly
Owner - EvenStar Jewelers

Management at Media127

John Parlett

John is the principal creative designer and programmer for Media127 with over 18 years in the print and website development industry. Over the years, he has had the privilege of working at businesses with clients such as Discovery Channel, Time-Life, DuPont, USGS, NGA, and other notable companies. He has carried the title of Vice President, IT Director, Prepress Manager, Project Manager, and Dad. He lives in Evans, Georgia with his wife, Tammy and their children, Emily and Austin. Being a musician for 36 years, John is very passionate about the music scene in Augusta, GA.

....and he knows he needs to get a better profile picture.


Terry Tittel

With over 15 years of service to our country in the United States Army, Terry has the experience to get the job done. Working with operations as well as our relationship amongst the network of professionals we use to get the job done, Terry uses every possible resource within his command to create a professional product. Terry lives in Evans, Georgia and is married to a wonderful lady, Emily. They have a really cool kid named Owen.

...and John is jealous of this amazing profile picture of Terry and his wife.

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