Store Configuration
Once your Volusion account is active, there is quite a bit of work to configure the store so that it not only looks right, but works correctly. Media127 will configure the store for you so that the only thing you have to do is populate the store with your items.

Note: Media127 will also populate your store for a fee. (See Below)

Payment Gateway
To collect credit card payments from your customers, we have to setup a payment gateway to the merchant account of your choice. We suggest using Authorize.net for this. They are one of the largest providers for gateways and have a proven track record of great customer service.

Whether you use the United States Postal Service, UPS, Fedex or other shipping providers, we will setup your E-Commerce site to login into your account and give live shipping charges to your customers. You will never lose money on outdated shipping charges.

Once your Volusion store is configured and running, Media127 will train you how to properly use your e-commerce store. We will show you how to add items, fulfill orders, look up customer accounts, and solve any customer issues that might arise. Your e-commerce package with Media127 includes support calls for the 1st year at no charge. We want you to be an educated and happy customer.

Store Population
We can train you to populate your store with your items, or we can populate it for you for a fee (fee amount will depend on the number of items to be populated in the store). Most of the time, after you have been trained, you will find that populating the store is easy. With Volusion's auto-templated item add ability, you can quickly and easily populate.

Change Request
If you already have an E-Commerce store built by us and need to request a change on it, click the button to go to our Change Request Form.