Our designs will show spectators, car show judges and potential car buyers exactly what makes your vehicle special.

You have worked very hard and probably spent a good deal of money on your ride. It is an expression of who you are. The problem is that when you take it to a car show, nobody can fully appreciate the time and effort because they can't see everything you have done. That's where a showboard comes in. We take images of your car and we tell a story for all to see. We can list what you have modified, describe the restoration or just give the details that you want them to know. Spectators, Judges and Potential Car Buyers can get the facts.

Examples of our Showboards
Additional examples can be seen upon request.

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Attention All Car Club Members!

Get a showboard with your car club logo and other club information (title, member since info, etc.) and unique information about your ride. If at least 3 members purchase a showboard, get a 15% club discount. Any members from your car club can then get the same discount for their showboards.

  What Makes Us Different?

Everyone knows that a good business model is to build a high quality product at an economical price. We have done just that. We have solved all of the issues with showboards while offering them at a cost that is average or below what is being offered elsewhere. Let me give you some details:

Problem 1: Design
I've combed the internet and I can tell you that there are alot of shoddy designs for showboards that don't really show the car well or the overall look is just gaudy or just too simple. Our designs flow from top to bottom, left to right. The colors we use compliment or contrast each other while the layout is professional. Go ahead....you can compare. Also, there are alot of showboard companies that just plug your images and text into a template. Our showboards are 100% unique. Each one is designed from scratch.

Problem 2: Durability
What the showboard is printed on and the media it is mounted to will make all the difference. Our showboards are built like an outdoor sign. They are printed on high quality vinyl with UV resistant inks and mounted onto 3mm polymetal. Finally, they are laminted. What you end up with is a very durable showboard that is able to withstand being outside in inclement weather.

Problem 3: Warping
Somedays, your showboard has to withstand heat and moisture, two things that will most certainly warp a showboard that is mounted on either foamcore or various plastic media. Since ours are mounted on polymetal, they will not warp.

Problem 4: The Showboard Stand and Wind
How to display your showboard has been a daunting question. Some companies offer only the showboard, making it your problem. Others have created simple fold-out stands that are either a "stick" or a upside down triangle, like a tabletop frame. Then there are the ones that have a showboard holder that has the bottom of the showboard sitting on the ground, forcing the spectator or judge to bend over to read. And then there are those that have an elaborate stand that can be quite cumbersome to carry around in your car due to either height or weight.

We have developed a stand that has a 12" base that is made from 1/4" steel. We then took 1/2" solid square stock and bent it to make beautiful curving legs on both sides that bend back at a comfortable 15 degrees for easier reading. Add a "tray" 10" from the ground to hold the base of the showboard and a metal piece across the top for the neodymnium magnets on the back of the showboard to hold it in place and you have a stand that is structurally sound. The center of gravity is close to the ground, so the stand will not fall over in a decent wind. Since the base of the showboard is 10" off of the ground, they are easier to view while not obstructing the view of the vehicle. Our stand fits in the trunk of the car for easy transportation while offering room for your other stuff, unless you drive a Ferrari and have the trunk space for a "very" small piece of luggage. If so, we can't help you, but we are jealous.

The stand is painted matte black. You can choose to leave it that way or paint it any color you want.  

Problem 5: Setup
Our showboard and stands are easy to setup. You place the stand on the ground (asphalt, grass, dirt...it doesn't matter), slip the bottom of the showboard into the tray on the stand and lean the showboard back until the magnets on the back of the showboard make contact with the stand. That's it. Done. No need to fold out legs, build the stand, or worry about where the stand can go. You can put the stand in front of the vehicle, the side of the vehicle, anywhere. Some stands require you to drive onto the stand to hold it in place; therefore, limiting where you can put the stand. Not ours.


How this works:
You purchase the package you want. We then have our designers contact you for the vehicle images and text. In a short period of days, we will email you a jpg file of what your showboard is going to look like. Once we have your approval, we will finish the product and ship it to you.

At any time before the proof is approved that is emailed to you, we will refund 100% of your money. If you don't like the design that we emailed you, we ask for a 2nd chance to improve it. Of course, once you have approved the design, there is no refund for the completion of the poster, showboard or stand.

We here at Media127 love cars, trucks, motorcycles....basically, anything with wheels and an engine(s). That's why we have been collecting images from the internet for the last year and put them in a gallery. There are over 4500 images of vehicles that are sorted by decades. Some of the galleries have almost 1000 images, while others might have 75. We admit that we need to put more of the recent years into the gallery. Coolest part is that you get to see how cars and trucks evolved over the years as well as quite a few concept cars. So sit back, get comfortable and enjoy our Automotive Galleries.

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