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Your website is the first chance at making a great impression on your clients. did a study that showed that websites influence as much as 97% of your clients decision to do business with you. We've all done it. We heard about a business and we went directly to their website.


The first things your client notices when he/she checks out your website are:


  • Is it professional looking or sloppy?
  • Are they an authority on their expertise?
  • Can they find the information they need easily?
  • How do they contact you

Websites, E-Commerce, Social Media and Graphic Design


Aside from the fact that we've been building websites since 1996, we do a few different things than most other website companies.


The first noticeable thing our clients like is the project price. We pile everything you will need into one price. Once we have quoted a job, we will not go over that price and all of your needs are covered by that price. Need a domain name? We will search for and register it. Need Hosting? We have our own hosting server that is professionally maintained for us. Of course, all design, photo manipulation and development is included.

Like a plant, your website will grow and change because your business will also grow and change. For one full year from the time we finish and post your website on your domain, changes to your website are included in the project price. For example, you might have an employee listed on your site and they decide to leave, we can take care of that. Or, you add an employee. Not a problem. Maybe you have started a new service in addition to the ones listed on your website. We can add that. We won't do a full website change, but we will handle most updates. This is quite different from most other companies.


Everyone wants their website on the search engines, especially Google. With every site, we do setup Google Analytics. We will also put the necessary items on each page for other search engines to find you. From time to time, search engines will change what is required on your website. We always keep up with that information and make the changes necessary.




All of this is covered by your Project Price for the first year. After the year is over, we do offer competitive hosting and maintenance plans to keep your websites up to date with your companies image and message.


Every time we build a website, we have to learn everything we can about your business. Best of all, we listen to you. Thing we need to know are:


  • What message to the client do you want to convey?
  • What makes your business special?
  • How does the website need to educate your client?
  • What is the proper product information? (Some sites have too much, while others have too little)
  • How do you want the website to interact with the client?
  • If you have a previous website, what are the things you dislike about it?
  • Is there enough marketing to the client within the website? (Some websites educate the client, but they never really push the sale, or even ask for it.)



We also want to get to know who your competition is.


  • What does their website look like and how does it function?
  • What is the internet saying about them?
  • How do they rank in the search engine?


By knowing all of these things, we can create a website that conveys your business accurately and professionally to your clients.


"Media 127 has built me a strong and stable web site that has allowed me to be in contact with my customers 24/7 and increased the amount of wedding rings I sell and the value of my company. Very satisfied."

Scott Donnelly

Owner - EvenStar Jewelers




  • We will create a clean and concise website so that your clients can find the information they need.
  • We will make your website easily navigable. The menu will be easy to find and use.
  • Your contact information will be found throughout the site so your client knows how to reach you.
  • We will use fonts that are easily readible and each page’s fonts will match the other pages.
  • We will use images that relate to your business and match the website’s overall theme.
  • We will create a site that is both informative and entertaining to your clients so they are interested.



  • We will not overstate your information so that your client becomes bored because there is too much.
  • We will not oversimplify your information so that the client is uninformed.
  • We will not clutter any of the pages in your website. Each page will be designed for maximum impact.



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Websites, E-Commerce, Social Media and Graphic Design

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